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Monday, 19 July 2010

MAC eyeshadow dupes :)

I thought I'd do a post on some mac eyeshadow dupes that I've come across over time. It's so annoying when you buy a brand new mac eyeshadow only to discover when you get home that you already have an eyeshadow that colour.
Most of the dupes I've found have been from Urban Decay and the Sleek storm palette, so if you have the Sleek or one of the Urban Decay palettes, you might not need to buy certain mac eyeshadows because you already have that colour... meaning that you can divert your money to other mac eyeshadows instead. Yayy!

Here are the best ones that I've found.

Mac All That Glitters and UD Chopper: Both have the same amount of shimmer and texture and are equally pigmented. UD Chopper is slightly more orange toned where as Mac All That Glitters is much more neutral with a slight hint of pink. UD Chopper also has silver micro glitter running through it, Mac All That Glitters does not.

Mac Wedge and Taupe from Sleek Storm: Both of these are very light matte taupe colours. Even though they are very similar, I would say mac Wedge is a more 'true taupe' as the sleek one has much stronger yellow tones.

Mac Shimmermoss and UD Shattered: Not only are the names similar but the eyeshadows are too. They are practically identical, it is only when you look closely that you notice that UD Shattered has slightly more green in it and Shimmermoss is slightly 'duller'.

Mac Carbon and black from Sleek Storm: Both black, both matte, but mac Carbon is slightly more pigmented.

Mac Dazzlelight and Pale cream from Sleek Storm: These two shadows are pale shimmery cream/white colours. Mac Dazzlelight has much stronger yellow yellow/gold undertones but they both appear off white/cream when applied to the eye. Mac Dazzlelight is a lot more pigmented.

Mac espresso, matte brown from sleek, and brown from L'oreal HIP duo bustling: All of these mid browns are the same tone, very neutral with a slight taupiness to them. Mac espresso and the sleek brown are very very similar, the only differences being the fact that mac is again more pigmented and sleek has slight red undertones to it making it a teeny tiny bit more orange. The brown from the HIP duo is not nearly as pigmented as the mac and sleek ones and has a slight gold shimmer in it giving the eyeshadow an overall gold sheen.

Mac Woodwinked, UD Nylon and UD YDK: Mac Woodwinked is definitely the most gold toned out of all of these shadows even though the other two have a gold sheen as well. UD Nylon is much more neutral than the mac one as it doesn't have such strong brown undertones and is more of a beige gold than a brown gold. UD YDK is the same hue as mac Woodwinked but it is darker in shade as it has significantly more brown in it. UD Nylon, UD YDK, mixed together would create a very similar colour to woodwinked, but slightly less gold toned.

MAC Beautiful Iris, UD Asphyxia and UD Ecstacy: Mac Beautiful Iris is a true lilac/lavender, it is cool toned with a white shimmer to it. UD asphyxia is a lot warmer due to the pink undertones but it still has a blue shift in certain lighting. UD Ecstacy is the same cool tone as Beautiful iris but it is a shade or two darker making it appear more purple as opposed to lilac.

Hope this helped!

Grace xxx


Ava said...

This was really helpful, thanks!

Kat O said...

These are great comparisons - I just bought woodwinked and already have the UD dupes for it! Doh!
Kat x

Grace. said...

@Ava: no problem! I'm glad it was useful :)

@Kat O: hehe, that is exactly what I did! I bought woodwinked and realised that the UD ones were very similar but I suppose they aren't exactly the same, and you can never have too many mac shadows anyway LOL!


CarmenSays said...

I loved this post! I love urban decay to death so it was good to know I can stick to my faves and have MAC dupes at the same time lol btw, you have an award, check my blog :] xx

Miss*Kimmy said...

Love those bottom purples!
It was really interesting to see all the dupes that are out there - you really know your shadows! hehe.

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

great comparison! i hate when that happens...i usually go and switch out the mac one...they are really nice about returns in my town

Make up by Yass said...

oww thank you!!

lisune said...

thank you for the wedge/storm palette comparison! you just saved me 15 dollars haha