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Thursday, 24 June 2010

A little bit of everything haul

Reviews for some of these products coming soon.
This was what I picked up whilst on a recent shopping expedition with the boyfriend (needless to say he was not impressed at being dragged back and forth between boots and superdrug)
Oh, and also a couple of things off the net.

Soap & Glory Glow lotion, £5 : love this, it's my new everyday moisturiser. Its really light, sinks in easily, has a pleasant smell and gives a pretty shimmer to the skin, especially on the legs.

Xen-Tan dark tanning lotion, £17.99 including delivery : I didn't actually buy this whilst shopping. I got it from as they were selling it at a really cheap price. The service and delivery was great, I'd definitely buy from them again.

Sleek face contour kit, £5.99 : I was unsure as to whether I was going to like this, purely because cheaper bronzers and blushers tend to go patchy on me and I was concerned this was going to do the same. BUT, I can safely say it didn't and this is my new HG bronzer/face contour. Full review and tutorial coming up.

Montagne Jeunesse mud pack face mask, 99p : This is the second one from this brand that I've tried, previously I had a peel off one, not sure which one it was. These are great value and have more than enough product to cover the face, neck and chest. I felt really fresh and clean after using this and I really think it did make my skin look clearer and my pores smaller. Would definitely recommend and for 99p what have you got to lose?!

Max factor facefinity compact foundation, £10.99 : I bought this in ivory, there was a limited shade selection and they all seemed pretty dark so I'm guessing this wouldn't be a product for people with fair skin. I actually bought this to use as a powder as I find powder foundations on there own too drying. It's not bad but I shall continue to use mac mineralize skinfinish natural and just use this for odd touch ups where my make up's come off and I need more coverage than just a new sweep of powder if that makes sense?!

Eylure Cheryl lashes, £4.89 : It's safe to say I absolutely hated these, I have never felt such a huge amount of disappointment over false eyelashes in all my life. I really wanted to love these (damn you Cheryl for being so pretty) but they just looked so... fake (but not in a good way). I like my lashes BIG, and when I wear false eyelashes I want them to make a BIG difference but these were just too drag queen-esque and I just looked as if I had got two black pieces of cardboard and stuck them on my eyes. All you could see were two big black lines, not quite the sultry, sexy look I was going for. So. What did I do?... Turn them into my all time favourite mac 7 lashes of course! I just un-knotted alternating segments of lashes to leave gaps and break up the solid line these gave. Fiddly, but worth it. I may do a tutorial on un-knotting false eye-lashes if I remember lol.

Rimmel the max volume flash mascara, £6.49 : I only picked this up because I thought the models own mascara (see below) wasn't going to come in time for my dinner dance on Friday and my Maybelline falsies was running dangerously low. It's ok, it doesn't really do anything spectacular, but will inevitably get better though when it's dried out a bit. I do like the wand on this though, it's pretty good at getting into the corners.

Models own volumising big brush mascara, £5 : This was from asos, and was bought on the basis of Imogen at foxylocks extensions saying it was good (her eyelashes always look gorgeous, false or not) I have to agree, it's pretty amazing and definitely comparable to Benefit's Bad Gal. I'm planning on reviewing this properly and have already got a few picks of this to post, they should be on really soon.

and last but not least...

Benefit pencils courtesy of Glamour magazine, £2 each ;) :



liloo said...

Great haul! Love the Sleek contouring :)

Ava said...

Hey, I'm loving your blog! could you do a xen tan review? x

Grace. said...

Thankyou :) and yeah I'm definitely going to do a xen tan review very soon, just need to get some before and after pictures x