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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The secret (or not so secret) way to flawless skin.

I'm sure you all remember when Mac first announced they were going to be launching the colour ready collection, you know the one with the promo picture of the beyond flawless, blue eyed, pink lipped gorgeous model (but in case you forgot there's a picture below). Anyway I for one was excited, especially for the prep + prime transparent finishing powder which promises 'A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin.'

So when I finally got my hands on this little pot of magic white powder which was going to (I'd hoped) transform my skin into the perfect pore-less complexion of that of the promo model, I was disappointed. To me this was just your bog standard finishing powder, nothing more or nothing less. Call me naive but I'd expected at least a soft focus like effect. But I soon got over it and the little pot of magic white powder was shoved to the back of my cupboards and forgotton about.

But, the other day, a whooooleeee year after I first tried this, I decided to give it another go. (Yes, I am aware of the hygiene implications of using this year old product but it was only once and I do intend to buy a new one.) And lets just say I loveeeddd it!



you don't use it after your foundation...

you use it before. :O

Ok, so maybe people had the common sense to try using it this way the first time round, but I didn't and my gosh do I wish I had of tried this a lonnnggg time ago.


-Moisturise and leave to soak in
-Apply a thin layer of prep + prime transparent finishing powder
-Apply foundation

And voila! (Nearly) pore-less, flawless skin :)


This only works with certain foundations (I've tried it with four so far) and the ones I've found it to work the best with are the oily ones, you know the ones which are great but make you go shiny after a couple of hours. This stuff sort of mattifies them down, and soaks up all the oil. I also think it probably plugs your pores up to give you that silky smooth canvas. I know that doesn't sound great but I've had no break outs so far. Big thumbs up to that (Y).

All I'm gunna say is, if you dismissed this the first time round as a finishing powder like I did, maybe consider giving it another go as ... shock horror, a primer!


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Anonymous said...

Hey hun, i'm a new follower and have to say i love your blog :)
I'm so glad you did this post, i was thinking i'd have no use for my powder, since my initial impressions on it were not that great. But i'm going to apply it before my foundation like the way you've described and see how i get on :D
Hope it works!